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    Hunan haili lithium battery polytron technology Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the haili lithium battery or the company), founded in 2015, formerly known as hunan chemical industry research institute of functional materials. The company is located in changsha, hunan province (high-tech industrial park, the registered capital of RMB 80 million , mainly hunan haili high and new technology industry group co., LTD., jointly set up joint-stock co., LTD., "Haili" registered trademark for the "hunan famous trademark", "Chinese famous trademark".

    Haili lithium battery since its inception, strict operation, straighten out the property right relations and perfect the governance mechanism, the company has five a center, namely the comprehensive department, financial department, production department, supply and Marketing Department, qc department, technology center, with independent research and development team, and relying on Yu Haili group strong scientific research strength, committed to the development of high and new li-ion battery cathode material products, has three national research and development platform; A provincial key laboratory; Seven provincial centers; A postdoctoral workstation; Three joint doctoral degree; Master's degree program is four joint. Dr Has 16 people, senior professional and technical personnel 183 (which enjoy special government allowances of experts 15 people, researchers 21). 40 degrees for national research projects; Won the national award for 2 items, the national scientific and technological progress second prize, paragraphs 2 and 18 provincial science and technology progress prize.

    The products of the company existing power type lithium manganese acid, high capacity type lithium manganese acid, ternary material series products. Power lithium manganese acid lithium electricity positive materials products, with independent research and development to produce high quality chemical manganese dioxide and heavy manganese manganese carbonate as the source material, the use of advanced technology and equipment in the production of high quality li-ion battery cathode material, manganese source materials of high quality chemical manganese dioxide and heavy manganese carbonate, is the national 863 plan project "power battery with high quality chemical manganese dioxide preparation key technology research and development" (project number 2008 aa031205) results on the basis of the development and production of li-ion battery cathode material is special manganese source materials, the results of the technical innovation project has obtained national invention patent authorization "preparation methods of high quality chemical manganese dioxide and use" (patent number: ZL200810143336.8). And widely used on the market at present with electrolytic manganese dioxide as source material preparation of manganese acid lithium products, compared to both in terms of the cost of production, or from the electrochemical performance has obvious advantages.

    Company will take the technology as the forerunner, driven by continued reform, high technological content, good economic benefits, low resources consumption, ecological environment protection, full use of the human resource development road. Through system innovation, perfect the enterprise operational mechanism, improve the level of resource control and operation management; Adhere to science and technology leading strategy, giving full play to the advantages of technological innovation, ensure that the products of the company in the industry in a leading position; Always to the "scientific and technological innovation, cooperation, win-win, integrity, efficient, first-class service" for the idea, to build scientific management, excellent assets, product advantages, with strong overall competitiveness and technological innovation ability of science and technology's flagship enterprise. Up to the end of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", strive to achieve industrial production value, sales income is RMB1 billion  of above, profits of RMB  one hundred million , realize the leapfrog development of industrial structure optimization and the company.